Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Gender Reveal Party

As I continue to get caught up on the blog, I don't want to overwhelm everyone with baby post after baby post, so I'll be mixing in some pictures of our new house this week, too! If you don't follow me on Instagram, you may not know we sold our first little home and bought another house (still in the same city) back in April, and we've been making it ours for the last few months! But first, a recap of our gender reveal party where we found out Miss Annistyn Grace was a girl! 

I'll preface by saying I was convinced she was a girl from the beginning. I just had this feeling. All of my dreams had a little girl in them, every time I thought about the baby it was a girl, and I was pretty confident. I think a lot of people thought this was just because I wanted a girl - To be honest, I'd always said I wanted a boy first to be the protective big brother. Obviously I wanted a girl too, and I've dreamed about having a little girl for years. So basically we just prayed for a healthy baby and pregnancy and were going to be thrilled regardless. 

We had the party on March 22nd and invited a bunch of family and friends to come find out with us. Our appointment was the Wednesday before (the 19th) so we had the sonogram tech put it in an envelope for us, which I passed on to one of our good friends who was making the cupcakes for us. It was torture waiting those few extra days, but so worth it to find out and be surprised along with everyone else!

This next progression of pictures cracks me up - Everyone asked why I didn't bite into the cupcake: First, I wanted to know right away, and second, I prefer not to scream/squeal with food in my mouth, ha. 

And here's the video, if you'd like some sound to go with those! 


{David's mom and aunt who claimed mamas know best right up until the last minute when they changed their votes to blue - Should've stuck with me! ;) }

{Team pink minus several people including my mom, sister, and several friends}

 {Team blue}

{One of my dear friends who's due 3 weeks after me - We found out a couple weeks later that she's having a girl, too!}

 {I love these photos that I found on the CD of pictures that David's best friend, Joey, took before the party - So sweet to have!}

{And this is Joey's awesome wife, Jaime, who made all of the cupcakes for us and knew our baby's gender before we did!}

It was such a fun day, and I'm so glad we got to share it with so many loved ones! 

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Nursery Reveal

Whew, it's been awhile (again!) The last time I updated, we didn't know the gender of our sweet baby yet and hadn't decided on a name or anything. I'm going to go a bit out of order here and reveal HER nursery (which will in turn reveal her name) and then go back and recap some major things like our gender reveal party, how and why we chose her name, bump pictures, and the two showers I've had. I'm now a couple days from being 37 weeks pregnant and want to make sure I get all of this documented before she decides to make her arrival! 

So, her nursery! I'll start with the inspiration pictures I gathered - most of them before I was even pregnant. I found a print probably 3 years ago that I decided would hang in my future daughter's nursery.. And when that day finally came, I started basing all of my design ideas off of it. Here's the print from Pen and Paint on etsy:

Navy & Coral, Scripture, Bible Verse, Psalms, Be Still and Know, Girls Room, Nursery Art, Inspirational Quote 8 x 10 Art Print

And from there, I gathered some nursery photos that I liked certain aspects of:

pink and gray nursery

letters hung on diecut scrapbooking paper from joanns

Cute gallery wall
{pin (unfortunately can't find the source)}

Drawing something from all of those and combining it with what I'd always envisioned for a baby girl's nursery, I came up with this:

 {The letters are from Hobby Lobby (chipboard letters) and are just covered in scrapbook paper that matches the bedding. I hung the lace/die cut scrapbook paper from JoAnn's first, and then centered the letters on them. The glass apothecary jar holds pacifiers, the silver jewelry box was a Christmas present from David this year, and right now the basket next to the changing pad is holding skirts that need to be hung up.}

{Top left and bottom right white pieces were found on clearance at Hobby Lobby before we found out for sure baby was a girl - I just knew they'd be perfect in a little girl's room! The frame holding a sonogram picture is also from Hobby Lobby, as is the top right frame that's holding a printable I made with 'Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep.' The painting was a shower gift from a friend and I LOVE it. She stalked my Pinterest and matched the colors perfectly. The cross is from Family Christian. The scripture quilt on the glider was a gift from my mom from a local Christian bookstore/gift shop and the chevron pillow is from Ross.}

{Basket full of books! The curtains were short navy ones I found for super cheap at a kid/baby consignment sale, so I added fabric to the bottom to make them floor length and to match all of the bedding - Since I can't sew, I just used iron on adhesive and covered the seam with pretty trim!}

{Printable was a Groop Dealz find, the 'A' frame was found on clearance at Hobby Lobby and holds one of our maternity pictures, and the figurine was mine - My mom gave me the entire set, one at a time, on each birthday growing up! The little table is from Ross and the drawers hold nursing essentials, burp cloths, and will be a good place for my water/snacks and such.}

{The top picture is a puzzle that David put together for her room throughout my pregnancy. We glued it together, mounted it, and hung it in her room. The left puzzle piece wall hanging is from Hobby Lobby and was my first purchase for the room after confirming she was a girl! The white ornate frame is also from Hobby Lobby and the 'Dream Big, Little One' printable is from here. And underneath, the print that inspired the room!}

{The chevron A above her crib was another clearance Hobby Lobby find, the mobile was a DIY project that I intend to post a tutorial for (super easy!) and the bedding was all custom made by Kristin of Mrs. Crafty Pants Blog! She's been a long time blog friend - like since we were planning our weddings in 2009 - and is seriously good at everything. I chose all of the fabrics and the general design, and she worked her magic. I couldn't love it more! She made the blanket hanging on the crib, the crib rail cover, the boppy cover, the crib skirt, and the changing pad cover seen in the first photo.}

{The wall decal was a Groop Dealz purchase. Her headbands and bows are on vases/a scrapbook covered board for storage. The snow globe was a gift from my mom because it plays the lullaby she sang to me as a baby/little girl. The photo frame was a gift from David's mom, the 'love you more' sign is from Kohls, and the lamp was actually accidentally sent to us for our wedding instead of the gift that was purchased and we weren't ever able to return it in store.. So it sat waiting for a little girl's room!} 

{Safe to say she's set on clothes for awhile! Hanging organizer is from WalMart.}

 {The dividers were a DIY project and are pretty self explanatory, but Stephanie over at The Vintage Modern Wife used my instructions and created a tutorial if you want to check it out!}

 For the items I didn't give details for: 

>> Long dresser/changing table is David's from childhood - It was originally oak, so we sanded it and painted it white and then added the girly drawer pulls (from Hobby Lobby)
>> Smaller dresser is mine from childhood and we just gave it a coat of fresh paint
>> Paint color is Behr's Gentle Rain
>> White rug in front of the crib is from TJ Maxx

Aaaand just for kicks, here's what the room looked like (minus the furniture) when we moved into our house in April! 

Just a bit of a difference! Aside from a growth chart I plan to make, the room is all finished and ready for our little lady! Can't wait to see when she'll decide to grace us with her presence!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Announcement Pictures

If you've followed me for any amount of time, you know I have a thing for pictures - I document everything with pictures. Thankfully, my sweet husband has finally realized there's no way around this and is usually on board. I'd been coming up with ideas for a picture/pictures to announce our pregnancy since last summer, and on an unseasonably warm day in January, we had David's best friend (and the one who took our fall pictures last year) take a bunch for us.

David was set on a collage for the actual announcement, so this is what we went with: 

And here are more of the pictures!

Those are some of my favorites! I was so happy with how they turned out even though it was windy as could be and Paisley was being a total diva. I'll definitely cherish them for years to come!


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