Monday, March 3, 2014

Announcement Pictures

If you've followed me for any amount of time, you know I have a thing for pictures - I document everything with pictures. Thankfully, my sweet husband has finally realized there's no way around this and is usually on board. I'd been coming up with ideas for a picture/pictures to announce our pregnancy since last summer, and on an unseasonably warm day in January, we had David's best friend (and the one who took our fall pictures last year) take a bunch for us.

David was set on a collage for the actual announcement, so this is what we went with: 

And here are more of the pictures!

Those are some of my favorites! I was so happy with how they turned out even though it was windy as could be and Paisley was being a total diva. I'll definitely cherish them for years to come!

Friday, February 28, 2014

Friday Bumpdate: 12 Weeks

{I'm now 17 weeks, so I'm playing a little bit of catchup with the bumpdates!}

How far along: 12 weeks! 

Baby Size: A plum! {2.1 inches, 0.5 lbs} 

Weight gain: Went to the doctor this week and was down 5 lbs from my 8 week appointment when I was eating anything and everything and starving all the time, so probably about at my starting weight (although I don't know what that was since I hadn't weighed myself in months.)

Maternity clothes: 
 Not yet, but I'm about *thisclose* to at least getting some leggings that don't cut into the middle of my belly!

Stretch marks:  Nope! Well.. Maybe on my boobs. 

Sleeping pretty well - And still tired all the time! 
Gender: Won't find out until March 22nd, but I've thought girl from the very beginning. We'll see! 

Movement: Not yet! 

Best moment this week: I have two! Making our announcement on Facebook/social media and the love we felt was amazing! And going to the doctor and hearing our sweet baby's heart beat again! 164 bmp this time (was 167 at our 8 week appointment!) 
Looking forward to: A baby bump instead of questionable bloating :) 

Food cravings: 
None really, random things will sound good all of a sudden, but I wouldn't call them cravings 
Anything making you queasy or sick: The smell of tortilla chips from a bag (as in, not fresh at a restaurant) makes me want to gag.. And sadly, guacamole. :( 
Labor Signs: No 
What I miss: Having energy! 
Symptoms: Just the exhaustion and some round ligament pain. Oh, and a sore tailbone anytime I sit on the floor. Or too long on the couch without good posture. Or in the car for too long.

 Won't be starting the nursery until we're in our new house, but I have tons of ideas!
Belly Button in or out? In 

Wedding rings on or off? 
On and loose 


Workouts: Zumba and a couple lifting sessions with some arc trainer thrown in

To catch up on bump pictures since the beginning:

Happy Weekend!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Announcing our Pregnancy to Family and Friends

It just so happened to work out that we really were going to get to announce our pregnancy to our families at Christmas, so we debated for weeks on how to do it. We wanted something original and memorable and finally decided on writing our own poem/riddle that we would record us reading and play as the first 'challenge' during our yearly game with our immediate families.

Literally the only time we could get in to see the doctor before Christmas/telling family was Christmas Eve morning, and we were supposed to have our families over for lunch. Thankfully we were able to push lunch back a little, but we sat in the waiting room for 50 minutes before finally getting called back, so it was a little nerve wracking! We recorded a video of us in the car in the parking lot before going in and the nerves, excitement, and love in our voices still puts a goofy grin on my face anytime I watch it. Our first appointment was amazing - They did a vaginal ultrasound so we were able to see our sweet peanut for the first time and find out his or her heart rate was 167 bpm. Both of us teared up as soon as that thump thump thump sound started. It really is the best sound in the world. Oh, and we clarified that it was only one baby - To which David said, 'It's only one!' and I said, 'Aww, it's only one..' Ha. Maybe someday! Our doctor answered some questions for us, asked all of the normal stuff, and then we went upstairs and had some blood and lab work done and were finished! Leaving with our baby's first pictures was so fun - I'm amazed that neither of us blurted anything out to family before our big announcement!

So we came home and I made lunch - We've started a tradition of having Mexican every year on Christmas Eve and this year the smell of guacamole and tortilla chips (from a bag, not fresh ones) was awful. I made it through cooking and eating, though, and we decided to play the game first this year, rather than open gifts and play afterward. We always play some sort of game where you can win small gift cards to food places around town or lottery tickets and we mix in charades, karaoke, riddles, trivia, all kinds of stuff. Because of this, no one suspected anything when we said we had a video riddle to start things off. Here's what we played:

David was in charge of taking the video of everyone's reactions and mayyy have gotten a little excited and hit the record button twice.. So we got maybe a second of it recorded. I almost had a meltdown over it, but it is what it is and we'll remember the reactions forever. I did get a few pictures, thankfully!

We wrote personal cards to each family member as well and gave them out after the announcement. I love that you can see the tears in my dad's and David's sisters eyes in these pictures.

And a picture of us to commemorate a big day in our lives (and our last Christmas without a baby!)

The next day we went up to Lawrence to celebrate with my extended family and told all of them with a puzzle we had the kids (my nieces and nephew) put together. I'd thought through that they would need my nieces who could read to be there, but I didn't think through the part that it would be difficult for them to connect that their cousin would be our baby.. Ha. They were a little confused until we said, 'We're having a baby!' 


The rest of our extended family we told through phone calls or Facetiming while they watched our poem video. Christmas is exciting on its own, but getting to announce the best present ever was SO much fun! 

I promise this novel of a post is ALMOST over! To tell our friends, we decided we'd do it at our annual New Years Eve party. I think this was our 7th year or something hosting, and we invited all of our close friends (although some couldn't come or didn't realize how big a deal it was this year - and how do you let someone know they NEED to be there without totally giving away the surprise?) I ended up getting really sick the day of the party - I thought it was just going to be a normal cold, but it just kept getting progressively worse. I didn't want to cancel since everyone had planned their evening/holiday around it and we had a big announcement to make, so you may be able to see my swollen, watery eyes and puffy face in the pictures.. Oh, and my slippers with my dress. ;) I stayed in bed for almost a week after the party, but thankfully we were able to share the news with friends and got awesome pictures! We got a video too, but it's really long and I haven't edited it yet, so I won't post it. 

Basically we lined up for a group picture and I used the remote for my camera to take them. After a couple normal ones, David and I yelled, 'Sooo, we're having a baby!' and these pictures resulted:

We had a good friend from high school miss the announcement by about 10 minutes, so we did the same thing with her and her fiance: 

I was going to include our announcement pictures that we used for Facebook, but this post is a novel already and I applaud you for making it this far! I'll share them Monday - Tomorrow I'll start playing catch up on my bump pictures. Sorry if it feels like all baby all the time for awhile around here! 

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

So, We're Having a Baby!

I think the majority of you who follow me here follow me either on Instagram or Twitter (or we're Facebook friends/friends in real life) so you probably know David and I are expecting our first baby in August! I've been wanting to - and have had several requests from you guys to - blog about this pregnancy and all of the fun announcements, bump pictures, doctors appointments, and symptoms, but I sadly haven't gotten around to it until now, at almost 17 weeks. I'll be playing a bit of catch up, so hopefully you don't mind! :)

So, from the beginning - How did we get here? If you had asked me a year ago when I thought we might have kids, I would've told you I'd probably go off birth control summer of 2014. We've both always known we wanted children, but we truly enjoyed being 'newlyweds' for over 3 years - spending tons of time together, making great friendships, going out on the weekends, traveling the world together, getting super involved in our church and ministries/groups we're passionate about, etc. We'd kind of decided on this summer to be the time to start trying, and I was even debating doing a bikini fitness competition this spring. And then the end of August 2013 or so we started having conversations about, 'Maybe we don't want to wait that long...' and 'It would be so fun if we were able to announce our pregnancy at Christmas to our families..' and baby fever for both of us just grew and grew. We went to Mexico the middle of October with two of our favorite couples, and we'd decided I'd go off birth control as soon as we got home. I'd been to the doctor the beginning of September to have lab work done and to make sure I was completely healthy and had been taking prenatals since then, too. We started praying that the Lord would reveal His will for our future and that if now was the time for us to start our family, that He would bless that. 

By the end of November, I knew there was a real chance I COULD be pregnant for the first time ever and I was so anxious. My chest was SO sore, but I thought maybe this was going to be a new PMS symptom since I hadn't had a cycle not on birth control for 4 years. I'd never experienced anything like the pain and soreness, and I hadn't started yet, so I decided to take my first pregnancy test November 26th. It was negative and I was a bit bummed, but David and I agreed that neither of us really thought it would happen that quickly and that there was no need to be upset about it. If you're doing the math, you realize something was going on - I didn't start my period that entire week, so I told David if I still hadn't by Tuesday, December 3rd, I would take another to be sure. We both tried to push it to the back of our minds and we had Thanksgiving with our families, we kept our twin nieces for a day or two, and I worked a wedding November 30th so it was easy to not focus solely on whether or not the test would be positive. 

Tuesday, December 3rd I got up just after David left for work and decided to take the test since it tells you to do it first thing in the morning. I took one of the less fancy 'if there are two lines, you're pregnant' tests and the second line showed up within 30 seconds. I stood there in the bathroom staring for what felt like forever. My stomach had all kinds of butterflies and I wanted nothing more than to pick up my phone, call David at work, and yell, 'You're going to be a daddy!!!' But I knew that wasn't how I imagined telling him about our first baby, so naturally I went to the store to get a digital test to be absolutely sure and found something to tell him when he walked in the door later that afternoon. {I should insert here that December 3rd was also the day our house was officially listed on the market and the day we went to sign the paperwork and finalize the sale of my car - Go big or go home, right?} The digital test was also positive right away, butterflies filled my stomach again, and I got to work on my little project to surprise David with a huuuuge smile on my face!

I had Young Lives cafe (our contact with the girls in the high school every other week) that afternoon, so I had to go act like nothing had happened that morning and it about killed me. It did help the time go by faster until David was supposed to pick me up to go sign the paperwork - thankfully he was coming home earlier than normal because of that.. I don't know if I could have waited until 6 PM or later! I left there, came home and got Miss Paisley and my camera ready, and 2 seconds later got a text from David saying he was headed home. I had my camera set on video but apparently got too flustered and just got some blurry pictures instead, but I thankfully somehow captured his shocked face clearly!

In case you can't see, Paisley was wearing a 'Big Sister' bandanna.. And she ran out the door when David opened it and he closed it behind her thinking it was no big deal. So once we got her back inside, he realized what she was wearing. :)

{What's a pregnancy announcement without an obligatory picture of the tests, right?}

I had Young Lives club that night and again had to act like nothing was going on - It was difficult! We came home and got a picture of Paisley with her bandanna (not on, because she refused to sit still) by the Christmas tree and then opened the advice card from our rehearsal dinner for when we found out we were expecting our first child - I love having these to open at the biggest moments in our marriage!

Whew, so now that all of that was almost 3 months ago, I have lots to catch up on here! I do want to say, we both absolutely realize how fortunate we are to have not had any issues getting pregnant or during the first trimester. I have several friends struggling with that (and I'm sure more people in my life that I don't even know about who are in the middle of it now) and I want to be as sensitive as possible to them. I know I don't necessarily have words to say or any encouragement to give, and my announcement may have even been hurtful to some, which makes my heart so sad. I pray regularly for the women I know (and those I don't) going through infertility issues or miscarriage and it regularly weighs on my heart. I feel like that and being constantly grateful for this pregnancy - which, for me, means not complaining about anything that comes along with carrying this sweet baby - are really the only things I can do.

I'll be back again soon with posts on how we told our families and good friends, our announcement pictures we shared on social media, bump pictures, and more. Happy Wednesday! :) 

Monday, November 4, 2013

Weekend Fun

Remember that time I said I was going to start blogging again and then didn't post anything for almost 2 weeks? Whoops. Let's try this again!

This weekend was actually a little more laid back than usual - September was pure craziness and then October ended up being pretty busy as well. We were so ready for some down time this weekend and it was wonderful!

Friday evening was our annual Halloween party with friends. We couldn't come up with any fun couples costumes this year (or David wasn't on board with any of my ideas) so he literally decided what he was going to be Friday afternoon when I texted him from WalMart and said there was a Julius Caesar costume on clearance for $10. Sold. I was between a KU cheerleader and a ballerina, and I figured I'd use more of the pieces needed for a cheerleader costume again, so cheerleader it was. I went to TJ Maxx and found a white running skirt and a KU sports bra - Both on clearance! I already had face tattoos and white tennis shoes, I made myself a red and blue hair bow, and I borrowed a KU jacket and pom poms I used to play with as a kid from my mom. So easy!

{Unfortunately his palette didn't make it in the picture, but maybe my favorite costume - Bob Ross!}

We realized we're all getting old when we were ready to head home by about midnight. And David and I ended up sleeping in until almost 11 AM Saturday - It was glorious! The rest of Saturday was spent looking at cars. We've been discussing buying a Ford Edge for... a year now? We've finally gotten serious about looking and I'm pretty stinkin excited. I've been driving the same car since I was 16, and although I'm very thankful for it and its dependability, I will REALLY enjoy automatic windows and locks (and everything else this new car will have that mine doesn't.) 

One of our Young Lives girls invited all of the mentors over for dinner Saturday night and she made us chili and some amazing desserts. It was so sweet and made me realize that I got involved hoping I'd make a difference in these girls' lives, but I never could have expected how much they'd impact me! I love everyone involved with that ministry!

Saturday was David's younger brother's 21st birthday, so we took him and his girlfriend downtown to celebrate (after they had their own celebration of their 4 year dating anniversary! Crazy!) late Saturday evening. Yet again, we realized we're old and can't hang like we used to. We both passed out as soon as we got home at 2 AM and were thankful for the extra hour of sleep!

Yesterday we had church (it was Orphan Sunday and such a great service!) and lunch with my family. We checked out a couple more cars on the way home and then relaxed for a bit and got things done around the house. We finished the evening splitting a footlong sub from Subway for dinner while working on the couch - So romantic. ;) 

Hope you all had a great weekend and start to November! So crazy that it's already almost the holiday season!


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