Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Life Update + Late Weekend Recap

Good gracious, I have not been good about keeping up with the blog! Usually I can at least get my weekend recap posts up on Monday, but the last several weekends have been crazy and packed full. I’ll skim over the last few weeks and then actually recap this past weekend since it was a fun one!


April was insane. We were out of town two of the four weekends and I feel like the entire month flew by. We were in Dallas for four days for David’s sister’s volleyball tournament, and I had the privilege of meeting the sweet Jenn of Perfectly Imperfect Jenn and we got to see some of our dear friends down there! The next weekend we were in KC for another volleyball tournament, but we got to celebrate my niece and nephew’s birthdays and see family as well.






I thought maybe May would slow down since we’ve been in town, but we’ve had stuff every weekend and tons of end of the school year stuff for Young Lives. We’ve started riding our bikes again and have made Sunday afternoons our day to explore/do something active together, which has been so fun! One Sunday we rode our bikes to play tennis and then rode to Chipotle and ate dinner on the patio. We hung out with friends, I dyed my hair because I decided I missed the red, we went to a Cuatro de Mayo party and celebrated our friends’ 2 year wedding anniversary, volunteered at the Color Me Rad run for Red Shoe Society, and hosted David’s sister-in-law and our nieces a couple times since they were in town for a week!








Soooo that brings us to this past weekend! Friday evening was one of the high school’s graduation ceremonies that I mentor Young Lives girls at, so we went to dinner with a couple other mentors and their husbands and then went to watch our girls walk! It was so fun to see them all dressed up – Two of them were the first in their families to graduate high school, which was so exciting! After the ceremony we went and got dessert and drinks with the two other couples.




Saturday morning I ran a 5K with my sister-in-law. It was the Girls on the Run 5k, so it was all women, and it was also her first one! It was a beautiful course, but also really hilly. She did awesome! I was hoping for a PR because it was the first race with nice weather this year, but I missed it by about 6 seconds. Oh well – looking forward to my 10K in a few weeks! :)




Saturday afternoon was our Young Lives Mother’s Day tea. It was perfect weather for it, and it was fun spending the afternoon outside with the girls and their kiddos celebrating them!



When I got home Saturday afternoon, David was dead set on moving our bedroom up to the loft. He’d been talking about it for a couple months now, but we hadn’t really had the time. He decided Saturday was the day, so we moved our (incredibly heavy) bedroom set up our (incredibly narrow/tight) stairs to the loft. I have to say, I absolutely love it and will love it even more when it’s all redecorated and our former bedroom is finished as the study/guest room. I’ll definitely be blogging about it!



Sunday was a big day for me/us as I was baptized and David and I became members of our church! I was baptized as an infant, but I really wanted to experience believer’s baptism and have grown SO much in my faith and walk with God the last year and a half we’ve been at our church and felt like God had laid it on my heart to recommit my life to Him. It was an incredible experience and I’m so thankful my dad and David’s mom and sister (along with tons of friends and supporters) were there to celebrate with me. I got some beautiful roses from David and a pretty arrangement from his family! We took his mom to breakfast beforehand and had lunch with my mom afterward to celebrate Mother’s Day, too.




Sunday afternoon/evening we went on another bike ride and ended up riding about 10 miles. We rode downtown and along the river and checked out some of the war memorials – We’ve both lived in Wichita our whole lives but haven’t seen so many of the little things that give our city character. I’m excited to explore more this spring and summer! We’ve just been having so much fun together lately – I say this a lot, but it’s the best being married to your best friend!



Sadly, the weekend ended with Paisley hurting herself trying to jump on the end of the bed (over the footboard) and missing. I took her to the vet on Monday since she still wouldn’t put hardly any weight on it, and they had to take some xrays. Thankfully nothing was broken or dislocated, but her poor knee was incredibly inflamed. She’s on pain meds and should heal fine (although she has messed up knees anyway – just like her momma and daddy!) but the vet said she needs to lose some weight to make it easier on her joints. Poor baby needs to lose 3 lbs and she’s only 13.8 lbs to begin with! I was apparently overfeeding her (she should only get .45 cups of her food a day – seems like nothing!) and I need to be better about taking her on walks. Anyway, all that to say my baby dog is on the mend, but now has to diet.



Hope you all have been doing well and are having a good week so far! I’m planning to be around more – I’ll do my best! :)


  1. Wow you have been quite busy. I love the beams in your new master bedroom!

  2. Aww congrats on your baptism! That's wonderful. And is that blue and white shirt in the first photo from Target? I've had my eye on it for three weeks but I'm dutifully waiting for it to go on sale! :)

  3. congrats on the baptism, sister!

    all the dresses you are wearing in this post, are all suuuper cute! that striped one, i love the colors.

    can't wait to see the new loft bedroom reveal. i just have to see more of this loft, lovin those wood beams.

  4. Awww poor little Paisley! I work in tourism for my hometown, and it is pretty crazy to think about all of the fun things to do right in your own backyard that you just never think about-way to go on getting out there and taking advantage of the fun stuff that's there!

  5. girl I think you get more beautiful everytime I see a picture of you! hottie!

    and congrats on the baptism, what a wonderful, symbolic step for you!

  6. Paisley has a weight loss superstar in her life, so she should have no problem dropping those pounds! :)

    PS - Love your striped orange and pink dress, way too cute!

    ~Alyssa @

  7. My, I really admire how you manage to cope with all your activities while being a wife, daughter and friend. I likewise admire you because you’re totally fit and loves sports activities. I love sports too but don’t have the time anymore. Well, anyway enjoy life to the fullest! Ciao!

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