Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A Quick Update

Ahhhh, hello Luckiest in Love readers (if there are still any of you out there!) It's been... awhile since my last post, and I really don't have a good excuse. Life has been crazy, but it's crazy for everyone and some people still somehow find a way to get everything they need to do done and blog on top of it. I'm not quite sure how, or if I'll ever be able to do that, but I have lots to share and I truly miss this little blog sometimes, so I thought I'd give it another shot. (And Stacy specifically asked where my posts had been, so I thought I'd at least update once for her!)
If you follow me on Instagram, I'm sure you've seen and are up to date on a lot of the random things we've gotten involved in and that consume the majority of our free time. I last updated in the middle of May, so since then all kinds of things have happened! I'll try to give a quick run down -
In May I/we... got my first tattoo, finally painted our kitchen, went to Kansas City for a weekend trip with friends over Memorial Day weekend, and did lots of stuff with Young Lives to fundraise for our camp trip!
In June I/we... ran my first 10K, spent lots of time riding our bikes along the river and exploring downtown, celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary, went to Sydney, Australia!, and coordinated a 400+ guest wedding!
In July I/we... celebrated the 4th with lots of family and friends, got involved with Faith Builders doing respite care for infants, went to Young Life camp in Michigan with my Young Lives girls and one other leader (and 50+ urban YL kids and their leaders), and traveled to Louisiana to help host my high school friend's bridal shower.
In August I/we... started training for my first half marathon, had my 3 nieces and nephew stay with us for a week, started leading our church City Group that we'd been a part of for several months, were part of two of our good high school friends' wedding and all of the festivities with that, traveled to Dallas/Denver for different high school friends' bachelorette/bachelor parties, and traveled to Texas to be a bridesmaid in said friend's wedding.
In September (craziest month of my life) I/we... contemplated moving and looked a few houses, coordinated a 360+ guest Vietnamese wedding, ran my first half marathon!, coordinated David's best friend's wedding, and celebrated with my cousin at her wedding in Kansas City!
So far in October, David's accepted a new job (and will start January 2nd), we went to our high school's 20th anniversary weekend of festivities, we celebrated with friends who have adopted their first child, and we just got back from an incredible trip to Playa del Carmen, Mexico with two of our favorite couples!  
And today just so happens to be my cute husband's 25th birthday! He's actually traveling for business this week (we got back late Saturday from Mexico and he left again early Monday) but I can't wait to celebrate with him this weekend. Love you more than ever, babe!
I do plan to write actual posts on several of these things (namely our trip to Sydney, how business is going since starting to market my coordinating services more seriously, our finished kitchen, a couple other house projects, and our Mexico friends trip) but I wanted to start with a little 'where I've been' post. Again, if you follow me on Instagram, this is mostly all old news, so sorry! :) Looking forward to getting back into the swing of this and reconnecting with you guys!


  1. Wow you have been very busy. I think busier than me and I haven't been keeping up with my blogging either. So I'll say you have a better excuse than I do.

  2. Holy cow my friend you have been up to SO MUCH! it looks like you all are having a blast :) Can't wait to hear more about your growing business and your continued ministry work. So good to hear from you!

  3. You have been very busy! Glad you had a great summer and start to the fall! Can't wait to hear about your growing business and all the other stuff you have been up! Welcome back :)



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