Monday, November 4, 2013

Weekend Fun

Remember that time I said I was going to start blogging again and then didn't post anything for almost 2 weeks? Whoops. Let's try this again!

This weekend was actually a little more laid back than usual - September was pure craziness and then October ended up being pretty busy as well. We were so ready for some down time this weekend and it was wonderful!

Friday evening was our annual Halloween party with friends. We couldn't come up with any fun couples costumes this year (or David wasn't on board with any of my ideas) so he literally decided what he was going to be Friday afternoon when I texted him from WalMart and said there was a Julius Caesar costume on clearance for $10. Sold. I was between a KU cheerleader and a ballerina, and I figured I'd use more of the pieces needed for a cheerleader costume again, so cheerleader it was. I went to TJ Maxx and found a white running skirt and a KU sports bra - Both on clearance! I already had face tattoos and white tennis shoes, I made myself a red and blue hair bow, and I borrowed a KU jacket and pom poms I used to play with as a kid from my mom. So easy!

{Unfortunately his palette didn't make it in the picture, but maybe my favorite costume - Bob Ross!}

We realized we're all getting old when we were ready to head home by about midnight. And David and I ended up sleeping in until almost 11 AM Saturday - It was glorious! The rest of Saturday was spent looking at cars. We've been discussing buying a Ford Edge for... a year now? We've finally gotten serious about looking and I'm pretty stinkin excited. I've been driving the same car since I was 16, and although I'm very thankful for it and its dependability, I will REALLY enjoy automatic windows and locks (and everything else this new car will have that mine doesn't.) 

One of our Young Lives girls invited all of the mentors over for dinner Saturday night and she made us chili and some amazing desserts. It was so sweet and made me realize that I got involved hoping I'd make a difference in these girls' lives, but I never could have expected how much they'd impact me! I love everyone involved with that ministry!

Saturday was David's younger brother's 21st birthday, so we took him and his girlfriend downtown to celebrate (after they had their own celebration of their 4 year dating anniversary! Crazy!) late Saturday evening. Yet again, we realized we're old and can't hang like we used to. We both passed out as soon as we got home at 2 AM and were thankful for the extra hour of sleep!

Yesterday we had church (it was Orphan Sunday and such a great service!) and lunch with my family. We checked out a couple more cars on the way home and then relaxed for a bit and got things done around the house. We finished the evening splitting a footlong sub from Subway for dinner while working on the couch - So romantic. ;) 

Hope you all had a great weekend and start to November! So crazy that it's already almost the holiday season!


  1. #1 you look adorable, as always! #2 HOW can you stay up until 2 a.m.?!!!! That would take this old lady a solid week to recover from, haha! It's been really cool to see via social media how much you've enjoyed Young Lives, I've enjoyed following along :)

  2. you look fabulous in all of your photos! love your outfit for church yesterday morning!

    And your costume was super cute!

  3. We had less fun plans this year and didn't dress up for halloween - I am having so much fun checking out costumes from everyone else's parties though!



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