Friday, February 28, 2014

Friday Bumpdate: 12 Weeks

{I'm now 17 weeks, so I'm playing a little bit of catchup with the bumpdates!}

How far along: 12 weeks! 

Baby Size: A plum! {2.1 inches, 0.5 lbs} 

Weight gain: Went to the doctor this week and was down 5 lbs from my 8 week appointment when I was eating anything and everything and starving all the time, so probably about at my starting weight (although I don't know what that was since I hadn't weighed myself in months.)

Maternity clothes: 
 Not yet, but I'm about *thisclose* to at least getting some leggings that don't cut into the middle of my belly!

Stretch marks:  Nope! Well.. Maybe on my boobs. 

Sleeping pretty well - And still tired all the time! 
Gender: Won't find out until March 22nd, but I've thought girl from the very beginning. We'll see! 

Movement: Not yet! 

Best moment this week: I have two! Making our announcement on Facebook/social media and the love we felt was amazing! And going to the doctor and hearing our sweet baby's heart beat again! 164 bmp this time (was 167 at our 8 week appointment!) 
Looking forward to: A baby bump instead of questionable bloating :) 

Food cravings: 
None really, random things will sound good all of a sudden, but I wouldn't call them cravings 
Anything making you queasy or sick: The smell of tortilla chips from a bag (as in, not fresh at a restaurant) makes me want to gag.. And sadly, guacamole. :( 
Labor Signs: No 
What I miss: Having energy! 
Symptoms: Just the exhaustion and some round ligament pain. Oh, and a sore tailbone anytime I sit on the floor. Or too long on the couch without good posture. Or in the car for too long.

 Won't be starting the nursery until we're in our new house, but I have tons of ideas!
Belly Button in or out? In 

Wedding rings on or off? 
On and loose 


Workouts: Zumba and a couple lifting sessions with some arc trainer thrown in

To catch up on bump pictures since the beginning:

Happy Weekend!


  1. oh i missed this! congrats!!! you look fabulous!

  2. you are so adorable! congrats again girlie! such a fun time in your life!



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